3D Puff Flower Square

by Lynn Johanna (AKA LadyWillow)


NOTE: First create the 3D Puff Flower Medallion before completed the following steps.


"J" Hook

Large Yarn or Tapestry Needle


Yarn 4 Ply Worsted ... White, Blue & Red.


Complete pattern instructions for 3D Puff Flower Medallion using the K Hook. 


Then switch to the smaller J Hook and add the following Rounds in RED Yarn to convert to an 8" square.


RND 1: Slip Stitch in 1st SC Stitch below top of any Petal Point. *1 SC, 2 HDC in next SC St, 1 DC in "V"between Petals.

2 SC in next SC St, 1 SC*, **Ch-1. Then 2 HDC, Ch-1, 2HDC, Ch-1** for the corner.


Repeat * to * 7 times to square sides, adding 3 SlSt over Petal Points. See image for detail.


Repeat ** to ** 3 times for each of the remaining corners.  SlSt in 1st Sc to end RND.  See image.


RND 2: Sc along sides with Ch-1 before and after each corner and 2 DC, Ch1, 2 DC in each corner.  SlSt to connect last round.  Finish off and weave in end.


Option: Lightly steam last 2 RNDs with steam iron and gently block to create a uniform granny type square while maintaining 3D raised effect of Puff Flower.