3D Puff Flower Medallion

by Lynn Johanna (AKA LadyWillow)


"K" Hook

Large Yarn or Tapestry Needle

Yarn- 4 Ply Worsted, approximately 1/2 OZ each of White, Red, & Blue.



With White yarn Chain 3, join last stitch with 1st using a slip stitch (SlSt) to make the center loop; 16 Half-Double Crochet (HDC) in loop.  Join to beginning HDC with SlSt.  = 16 HDC.



Round (RND) 1: Starting with 1st HDC- *HDC, Ch-1*; Repeat from * to * for each HDC in RND. Join last Ch-1 in top of 1st HDC of same row - Finish off.  = 16 HDC Loops.


RND 2: With Blue Yarn *10 DC in 1st Ch-1 Loop, SlSt through top of all 10 DC and pull tight to create 3D Puff Cluster, in next HDC Loop Ch-1*. Repeat from * to * 7 times.  Finish off. = 8 Clusters.


NOTE: After creating each 3D Cluster, shape to create 3D Puff Effect.


RND 3: With Red Yarn *SlSt in top of 3D Cluster and Ch-2*.  Repeat * to * 7 times.  SlSt in 1st St of last Ch 2.  = 8 Ch 2 Spaces.


NOTE: RND 3 creates base for RND 4 Petal Motifs.  See image for details.


RND 4: In 1st Ch-2 Space - *1 SC, 1 DC, 1 TRC, Ch-1, 1 TRC, 1 DC, 1 SC, Ch-1*, creates Petal Motif.  Repeat in each Ch-2 Sp in RND.  SlSt in base of 1st Petal Motif.  Finish off.  = 8 Petals.


RND 5: With White yarn, SlSt in any Ch-1 spot between Petal Motifs.  *Ch-4, SlSt  in tip of Petal, Ch-4, SlSt in Ch-1 between Petals*. Repeat 7 times. = 16 Ch-4 Loops.


RND 6: *5 SC in Ch-4 loop, Ch-3, 5 SC in next loop*.  Repeat 7 times, SlSt in 1st Ch-4 Space.  Finish off. = 8 Ch-3 Petal Points.


RND 7: With Blue yarn SlSt in 2nd SC above V in any 5 SC Loop.  *SC in each of 4 SC, Ch-3, Sc in each of next 4 SC, Skip 1 SC*. Repeat * to * 7 times. SlSt in 1st SC of RND. = 8 SC Loops.


RND 8: (Last Round) SlSt in next 2 SC above V, 2 SC in remaining SC, 3 SC in Ch-3 Loop, 3 SC in remaining SC, skip next 4 SC. *SC in next 3 SC, 3 SC in Ch-3 loop, 3 SC in next SC, Skip 4 SC*. Repeat * to * 6 times. SlSt in Beginning SC of same row.  Finish off.  = 8 Medallion Points with 3 SC Spaces.