On the Way to Party Scarf
Designed by Bonnie Pierce

Copyright December 2002

Red and White Scarves


Gothic Home Spun and Blue Variegated  Trendsetter Aura      Variegated Mohair and Lilac Trendsetter

Red Scarf

Trendsetter Aura 1 ball makes a 50" scarf

White Scarf

Red Heart Worsted Weight White.  58" scarf

Purple Scarf

Homespun Gothic1 skein makes a 72" scarf

Blue Variegated Scarf

Trendsetter Aura 1 ball makes a 41" scarf

Variegated Mohair Scarf

Mohair 1 skein  makes a 77" scarf

Lilac Scarf

Trendsetter Aura 1 1/2  ball makes a 66" scarf

Crochet Hook:
Size N or as needed.

Row 1:
Ch 15.  Dc in fourth ch from hook and in next 11 chs.  Ch 2, turn.  12 spaces between dcs. 

Row 2:
Dc in sp between dc 12 times.  Ch 2, turn.

Repeat Row 2 for desired length.  Make sure to count your spaces occasionally to make sure you still have 12.

Weave in all ends.  Scarf can be made wider by adding more chains in Row 1.

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