God Bless the USA

Bonnie Pierce 2001



RH 4 ply Red, White and Blue 

Crochet Hook: Size E or size needed for gauge.  Size G for edge.

Gauge: Each Square = 7" 


Changing colors: Work sc across to last  st.

Insert hook in last stitch,  yo, draw up a loop.  Drop original color, add new color and yo, draw through last two loops.


God Bless the USA 6 inch - Bonnie Pierce

Good Bless the USA

6" Square




Pattern Stitches


For Stripes


With size E hook and Red, ch 32.


Row 1: 

Hdc in third ch from hook, and each ch across.  30 hdc's.  Ch 1, turn.


Row 2:

Sc in second ch from hook, and each ch across.  Drop Red to side, join white, do not FO.  Ch 2 with White.


Row 3:

Hdc across.  Ch 1, turn.


Row 4: 

Sc across.  Drop White to side, pick up Red from side and finish last sc,  ch 2, turn.


Row 5 - 26: 

Repeat rows 1-4.  FO Red and White.


For Stars Section:

With Blue and Size F hook ch 14.


Row 1: (Right Side) Top of Stars Section

Sc with Blue in second ch from hook, joining White.  * Sc with White, joining Blue.  Sc with Blue, joining White.  Continue from * across, ending with a sc in Blue.  Six stars.  FO both Blue and White.  Do Not Turn.


Row 2: (Right Side) 

Sl st with Blue, ch 1, sc in same st, and next st.  Join White, sc in next  st, join Blue, sc in next  st.  End 2 sc in blue.  FO Both Blue and White.  Five Stars.  Do Not Turn.


Row 3- 9:

Repeat Rows 1 and 2.


Row 10: (Right Side)

Join Blue, sc across.  Do Not FO.  Work 2 more sc in last  st, crochet across edge of stars, 8  scs.  Work 3 sc in last st.  FO.  Note: This is the upper left corner.


With tapestry needle, run ends across back of piece, trim ends.  Block both pieces with stars in upper left corner.  Join White with a  sl st in upper right corner, using size G hook, work 3 sc, 15 sc across.  Working through both pieces, sc across 11 scs, (28 sc across).  Work 3 sc in corner.  Work 10 sc through both pieces working tenth sc so that the edge of the blue piece touches the top of the fourth red stripe from top.  Sc 18  sts  across to corner.  Work 3 sc in corner, 28 sc across, 3 sc, 28 sc up side.  Join with a sl st in first sc.  FO White.  Sew remaining sides of stars to stripes.


Finish off and weave in all ends.

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