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RH 4 ply Color A = Aran, Color B = Country Blue, Color C = Country Rose

Crochet Hook: Size E or size needed for gauge. Size G for edging.

Gauge: Each Square = 6" 


Skill level: Intermediate.

When working a new color, draw new color through last 2 loops of last stitch worked with old color.

When carrying yarn at back of work for more than 3 sts, cross yarns to tack the carried yarn to your work.

Blocking: Block lightly & briefly w/a warm damp pressing cloth on the reverse side of the square w/ med-hot iron.

Joining: Join each new color by yo and drawing through last two loops of stitch before.

Pattern Stitches

Split dc popcorn (split dc pop):  In next st work 3 dc.  In next st work 3 dc.  Drop loop from hook, insert hook in first dc of popcorn.  Draw loop through, ch 1.

Back Loop Only (blo.):

Front Post Dc (fpdc):

Back Post Dc (bpdc):

Back Post Sc (bpsc):


Row 1:

With size E hook and Color A ch 28, dc in 4th ch from hook and across.  (26 dc.)  Ch 3 (counts as 1 st dc on all following rows), turn.


Row 2: 

Dc across working last dc in top of ch 3, ch 3 turn.  (26 dc)

Row 3:

Dc across working last dc in top of ch 3, ch 3 turn.  (26 dc)


Row 4: 

With Color A dc in next two st.  Draw Color B through last st to join, fpdc over 2nd dc in row below.  With Color A, dc in next 2 dc, fpdc with Color B over 7th dc in row below (4 dc between fpdc's).  Carrying Color B behind work, 2 dc Color A, with Color B work fpdc over 8th dc in row below, cont. in this manner across.  End 3 dc with Color A.  Ch 3 turn.  34 sts.  Work dc in skipped sts and sts that have had fpdc worked over their posts. 


Row 5: 

With Color A, dc in next two st, *join Color B, (bpdc around fpdc below), twice.  Skip 4 sts in front of bpdc's.  Join Color A.  Dc with Color A in next 4 Color A dc.*  Cont. from * to * across, end 3 dc.  With Color A ch 3, turn (26 sts).


Row 6:

With Color A, dc in next 2 dc's, *Join in Color B, work fpdc in next two bpdc's.  Skipping sts behind fpdc's join Color A, work dc in next 4 Color A sts*.  Continue from * to * across, end 3 dc with Color A. Ch 1 turn.

Row 7: 

With Color A, 3 sc, join Color B, work bpsc around next 2 fpdc's, join Color A, 4 sc. (sk 2 sts behind bpsc)  Continue across.  End 3 sc.  Ch 1 turn.


Row 8: (Arms)

With Color A, work 1 sc,  FO Color A.   Join Color B, working in back loops only, sc to last sc, join Color A, work 1 sc.  Ch 1, turn. 


Row 9: (Neck)

With Color A, 3 sc, join Color B, work 1 sc, join Color A, 5 sc.  Continue across, ending 4 Color A sc.  Ch 3, turn.


Row 10: 

Dc in next 2 sc, join Color B. *Working over next 2 sts make split 6 dc popcorn.  Join Color A, ch 1, dc in next 4 sts, join Color B.*  Continue from * to * across, end 3 dc.  Ch 3, turn.  FO Color B.


Row 11: 

Dc in each st and in both sts of popcorn, ch 3, turn. (26 sts)


Rows 12 - 13: 

Dc across, ch 1. (26 sts)  FO Color A.


Round 1: 

With size G hook and Color C work 20 sc on all sides.  3 sc in corners.  FO Color C.


Finish off and weave in all ends.

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