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Seattle Knitting and Fiber Arts Expo 2006

Bonnie Pierce 638-3 C & HK Random adventure in Free form

Friday 12:30-3:30 Class Fee $45.00

Do you feel you need to follow a pattern? Never use a pattern? Then come see if free form crochet is for you! View many exciting examples of free form crochet and knitting; get hints and tips about color and yarn selections. Play a game of Random Stitches to learn how to break out of your box and into the wonderful world of free form crochet! I provide a $5.00 kit of color coordinated yarns and instructions. Bring a G hook, tapestry needle and scissors.

  639-3 Crochet a freeform brooch

Saturday 8:30-11:30 Class Fee $45.00

Using some basic and exotic stitches and motifs to make an attractive pin/brooch.  I will provide a $5 kit with color-coordinated yarn, a pin back, and instructions.  Students need to bring hooks Size E and F, tapestry needle, scissors.

  640-3 Crocheted flowers

Saturday 2:00-5:00 Class Fee $45.00

I will bring a number of samples with patterns, some felted.  Bring a variety of yarns, some wool to felt if desired, in flower colors, and some greens to make leaves.  Create vines, leaves and variety of flowers to use in embellishments and as pins for hats and jackets. Variety of crochet hooks, tapestry needle, scissors.  $5 yarn kit available, handouts of patterns for $2 each...

  641-3 Make a beaded button

Sunday 8:30-11:30 Class Fee $45.00

Crochet a button with thread and beads. Learn a special technique to make it reversible and removable for washing. Luxury Thread and bead kits available for $5.00 including sample yarn and beads for practice. Bring a size 7 steel hook, a size G hook, tapestry needle, scissors and a 1" button with a shank.


  642-3 Interlocking Filet Crochet Scarf

Sunday 2:00-5:00 Class Fee $45.00

This is a very beautiful and rare technique of joining two pieces of filet crochet as you create it. Honeycomb meshes make for a warm but lightweight garment with wonderful drape. $3 in class fee includes the pattern with picture tutorial. Bring 2 balls of light color yarn and 2 balls of darker color yarn, sport or dk weight, Size H hook, tapestry needle, scissors. The Lacis Lace museum will be hosted classes by Bonnie July 2005.


Classes from Seattle Knitting and Fiber Arts Expo 2005

Bonnie Pierce 495-3 C Coordinated Scrumbles for Garments Create scrumbles for garments so that colors and patterns are distributed pleasingly throughout. Topics include color selection, motif placement, domes, double circles, bullion/roll roundels, blackberry stitch, bent bullions, bobbles, popcorn stars, flowers, two color ribbing, Tunisian 2 color squares, pearl stitch, zig zags, crochet weaving, and surface crochet. Supply List: Scissors, Variety of crochet hooks, Double pointed knitting needles, Tapestry needle, 2-3 coordinating colorways, a variety of yarns in each, different textures, thicknesses, Gallon and small zip lock bags.


  473-3 C Introduction to Free Form Crochet Use just five stitch elements to create fantastic free form fabric. Topics include color selection, stitch placement, domes, double circles, bobbles, blackberry stitch and Tunisian 2 color squares; slip seam, whip stitch and ladder stitch methods of joining. Supply List: Variety of crochet hooks, from E-G, Tapestry needle, scissors, Variety of yarns in various textures (choose 2 or 3 coordinating colorways). Double pointed knitting needles, Gallon zip lock bag, 5 balls of yarn, 10 yards each for yarn exchange. Kit Fee $2.00 for magic ball of yarn. Create a scrumble in one 3 hour session.


  475-3 C Free Form Treasure Box Crochet motifs and glue to a preformed shape to make a lovely box for your treasures. Topics include color selection, motif placement, domes, double circles, bullion/roll roundels, blackberry stitch, bent bullions, bobbles, popcorn stars, flowers, two color ribbing and Tunisian 2 color squares. Supply List: Variety of yarns in coordinating colors from 2 or 3 colorways, Variety of hooks from E-G, Double pointed knitting needles, Scissors, Allene’s Tacky glue, Tapestry needle, Gallon zip lock bag. Kit Fee $6.00 for a collection of 3 boxes. 3 hours.


  496-3 C One Piece Crocheted Moebius Shawl Crochet a Moebius Shawl in one piece...only a one inch seam to sew. Can be worn as a shawl, a scarf, or a hood. Shawl rests comfortably on your shoulders, leaving your hands free. Learn to make a chainless foundation row. Supply List: 2-3 (or more) balls of yarn, all the same or: A variety of coordinating colors and textures, Crochet hook size J or larger. 3 hours.


  474-3 C Spectacular Spirals Learn to crochet spectacular spirals, including bullion spirals, seashell spirals, 3 color single crochet spirals, 3 color half double crochet spirals, bobble spirals and surface crochet. Stunning additions to free form garments. Supply List: Variety of yarns, colors and sizes (smooth yarns work best) Novelty yarns like Trendsetter Aura, metallic and ribbons, Tapestry needle, Variety of crochet hooks. 3 hours.