Bullion Fans

Designed by Bonnie Pierce at L8erb@aol.com © 2000 
RH 4 ply Color A = Aran, Color B = Country Blue, Color C =  Country Rose

Crochet Hook: Size F for 7" square, or size needed for gauge. Size G for edging.

Gauge: Square = 7"


Skill level: Intermediate.

Blocking: Block lightly and briefly with a warm damp pressing cloth on the reverse side of the square with a  med-hot iron.


Pattern Stitches

Modified Bullion (Mod. Bullion St.):

For 10 yo bullion, yo 10 times LOOSELY, EVENLY, insert hook into next st, yo, draw up a loop, even with the 10  loops, yo, draw through 11 loops, yo, draw through 2 loops.



With Size F hook and Color A, ch 26.


Row 1:

Sc in second ch and each ch across.  25 sc.  Ch 1, turn. 


Row 2 - 4:

Sc across, ch 1.  Ch 4 at end of row 4 (counts as turning ch), turn.  FO Color A.




Row 5: (Right side)

With Color C work 2 trc, ch 1, sk 2 sts.  In next st work 4 (10 yo mod bullion), *sk 2 st, trc in next 3 sts, sk 2 sts, in next st work 4 (10 yo mod bullion).  Continue from * across, ending ch 1, trc in next 2 sts, drop Color C, with Color A trc in turning chain.  Ch 1, turn.

Row 6:

With Color A sc in each sp and st across, working last 2 sc together.  Ch 1, turn.  25 sc.


Row 7 - 10: 

Sc across, ch 1, turn.  row 10 end with ch 4 (counts as turning ch).  FO Color A. 


Row 11 - 17: 

Repeat rows 5-10 once, with Color B in row 5, and then repeat Row 5 with Color C.


Row 18:

Repeat Row 6.


Last three rows: 

Sc across.  Ch1, turn.


Finish off and weave in all ends.

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