April Dawn

This square was designed in loving memory of my father-in-law Don Pierce, who passed away in the spring of 2000.

Designed by Bonnie Pierce © 2000 


RH 4 ply Color A = Aran, Color B = County Blue, Color C = County Rose 

Crochet Hook: Size F and G or size needed for gauge. Size G for edging.

Gauge: Each Square = 6" 


Skill level: Intermediate.

Blocking: Block lightly and briefly with a warm damp pressing cloth on the reverse side of the square with med-hot iron.


Pattern Stitches

Bullion Stitch (Bullion St.):

Yo 10 times LOOSELY, EVENLY, insert hook into next st, yo, draw up a loop, even with the 10 loops, yo, draw through all 12 loops, (wiggling the hook and rolling the yarn back and forth) - Bullion should be about 1/2".

Bullion Stitch giving you fits?  Try this link



(Yo 3 times), insert hook in sp, yo, draw up a loop, (yo, draw through 2 loops) 4 times, working loosely to be even with working round. 



With Color A and Size F hook ch 4.  Join with a sl st.  Ch 1


Round 1: 

11 sc in ring.  Join with a sl st. Ch 1

Round 2: 

Work 15 sc over sc of Round 1.  Join with a sl st.  FO Color A


Round 3:

With Color B join in any sc.  Ch 3, work  (10 yo bullion in next st, ch 1) 16 times.  Join with a sl st in top of first bullion.  Unravel first ch 3.  FO Color B.  16 Bullions


Round 4: 

Join Color C with a sl st in ch 1 space.  Ch 1, sc in same space, (ch 3, sc in next ch 1 sp,  ch 5, sc in next ch 1 sp) Continue around.  Join with a sl st in first sc.


Round 5: 

Slip st in ch 3 sp, sl st into ch 5 space, ch 3, work 8 dc in same ch 5 sp, *skip next ch 3 sp, work 9 dc in next ch 5 sp.  Continue from * around.   Join with a sl st in top of ch 3. FO Color C.  Eight 9 dc petal groups.


Round 6:

Join Color A in space between two 9 dc petal groups, *ch 6.  Working behind 9 dc petal groups, sl st in next ch 3 sp from Round 4, ch 6.  Do not sl st in space between 9 dc petal groups above this ch 3 sp.  Sl st in space between next 9 dc petal groups.  Continue from * around.  Join with a sl st in first sl st.  Eight ch 6 spaces, four unused ch 3 spaces in Round 4..

Round 7: 

With size G hook sl st into ch 6 sp.  *Work 6 sc in sp, 6 sc in next ch 6 sp, ch 3 for corner.  Continue from * around.  Join with a sl st in first sc.


Round 8: 

Ch 3, dc in each sc across, in corner sp work (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc,).  Dc across each side (14 dc).  FO Color A

Round 9: 

Join in Color B with a sl st in st to left of corner, sl st loosely across to corner, *sl st in corner (dtrc in ch 3 loop on Round 4) 2 times, sl st in corner, sl st across.  Continue from * around.  Join with a sl st in first sl st.  FO Color B

Round 10: 

Join Color A in corner with a sl st, (working between loops 2 dtrc of previous round and working over ch 2 sp of Round 8) ch 4, hdc.  Sc across working in same sts as Round 9, 18 sc.  Work corner (hdc, ch 2, hdc), sc across, 18 sc.  Continue around, join with a sl st.  FO Color A


Round 11: 

Join in Color B, 3 sc in corner, 20 sc across


Finish off and weave in all ends.

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