How To Block Bonnie's Way In 10 Easy Steps
By Bonnie Pierce
Written By JoAnne B

Elegant Crochet Home


1. Get a pan of hot water. Take a cloth - she used a cloth diaper - dip in the hot water and wring it out.
2. Set your iron to medium - hers was set on 5 - do NOT use steam.
3. Put your piece on the ironing board face down put the damp cloth on top and just barely touch the surface of the towel/diaper (you don't want to actually press down on it). 
4. Don't press Bullion Stitches or 3 D stitches.  They will flatten out.  Press around them.  Let it steam for seconds. Do not do it too long or it will get shiny and/or melt.
5. Quickly lift up the pressing cloth, and arrange the square to the size that you want. 
You can gently turn it over, and shape it, arranging flower petals etc. You have 30 seconds to pull and push into the shape you want.
6. Turn over to the front and do again if needed.
7. Redo if you need to. Redo the areas that need worked on. Watch those corners and pull them out. You want a sharp, crisp look.
8. You can fluff up some stitches if you need to. We fluffed up some popcorn stitches so they would not be too flat.
9. Let them cool and air dry.
10. If you have a lot of squares set a chair up to the ironing board, lower the board  and do it while you are watching your soaps. When you are blocking a lot of squares, stack them up as 
you work with them (a good way to make sure they are all the same size....) 
and then lay them out to dry after they are cool.
We had some squares that were almost round looking before and were square and looked GREAT after.