Assembling Comfortghans

By Bonnie Pierce

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Pull, tug and stretch the square.  Repair if needed.

Measure square to see if it is 7".  Add or take off a round to make it 7".

If desired, edge with a contrasting color round of sc.  This works well for ghans with many colors, to unify it.

Edge with one or two rounds of sc with the joining color.  Choose a number of stitches for each side... say 25 for a 7" square, and make that many on each side.  Add or decrease as needed evenly across side, by working two sc in one st to increase, or to decrease... (insert hook in next stitch, yo, draw up a loop) twice, yo and draw through all 3 loops on hook.  Work 3 sc in the corners.  Leave an 18" tail for sewing the squares together.

Block your stack of squares.  Always use a very damp pressing cloth.  Lay the square face down, and lightly hold the iron over the cloth for one or two seconds, lift, and press the next part.  Avoid pressing raised areas.  Immediately flip the square over and shape it the way you want.  You have about 30 seconds.  You can repeat the process as needed.  Try not to melt the fibers.  Let the squares dry in a single layer.

Lay the squares out in a pleasing manner, balancing the colors and patterns.  Take a digital picture of the layout.

Pick up the vertical columns, making sure the bottom square is on the top of the stack. Make sure the 18" tail is at the top of the square, so that you can sew the squares together later.

Using the joining color, work 3 sc into the lower right hand side of the bottom corner of the first square.  Work 27 sc along the side.  When you come to the top corner of the first square, insert the hook, then insert the hook into the bottom right hand corner of second square. Yo and complete the sc.  Continue in this manner, worrking 3 sc in the corners of column.  Join with a sl st to first sc.  Leave a 3-4 foot tail for sewing.

Weave in all the ends but the 18" tail with a tapestry needle.  Work between the layers of the fabric in one direction for about an inch, then turn and work back the way you came.  Try to pierce the yarn as you go back.

Weave the squares together, using the 18" tail.  Weave in the end securely.

You can block the column now if you like, and if the squares are at all uneven.  Let the column dry.

Join two columns the same way you joined the squares, using the 3-4 foot length.  Refer to the picture if needed for placement.  Match the seams of the squares you are working on by holding them together with a crochet hook.  When you come to the area where the 4 corners meet, work around in a circle with your tapestry hook to make it extra secure and to line the corners up perfectly.

Block the 2 strip column, face up.  Use the edge of the iron to press the seam flat.  Shape with your hands so that the seams are flat and even.  Let the column dry.  Join the 2 strip columns... repeat the above process.

For border, edge with a number of rounds of sc in the joining color.  Decorative edgings can be added.

Block yet once again, making sure the corners of the ghan are even, and the seams are flat.  Lay the ghan out flat to dry.

Stand back and admire!!

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